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April, 1919

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ʘ may be the astrological sign for the sun. In the Orphic theogony, Aither and Chaos are born from Chronos. Chronos makes an egg in Aither. The egg splits into two, and Phanes, the first of the Gods, appears. Phanes appears in Black Book 6 in the autumn of 1916. His attributes match the classical Orphic depictions, and he is described as the brilliant one, a God of beauty and light. Phanes is Jung’s God. On 28 September 1916, Phanes is described as a golden bird (Black Book 6 p. 119). On 20 February 1917, Jung addresses Phanes as the messenger of Abraxas (Ibid., p. 167). On 20 May 1917, Philemon says that he will become Phanes (Ibid., p. 195).


“This is the image of the divine child. It means the completion of a long path. Just as the image was finished in April 1919, and work on the next image had already begun, the one who brought the ¤ came, as FILMWN [Philemon] had predicted to me. I called him FANHS [Phanes], because he is the newly appearing God.”

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